It’s time for SAF to grow. Today, all the pieces have come together for SAF to expand its patient outreach, services and investment in research.  The combination of scarring alopecia and hair loss discoveries and increased clinical interest, a fast-growing patient population, and strong organizational leadership has placed SAF in a unique position to be more valuable than ever before.

This next era in scarring alopecia research is about understanding more about known pathways, the triggers that cause this hair loss, and what role genetics plays in some of these conditions. With the powerful techniques of genomics, proteomics, and lipidomics, there is massive amounts of information coming out now that will push this field forward in great leaps and bounds.

It’s really an exciting time and SAF wants you to be a part of it!  SAF plays an integral part in the process of developing new and improved therapies and, potentially, a cure, because we are the only patient group in the world that is exclusively devoted to scarring alopecia, with over 7,000 members.

All GEM Club Members receive access to SAF365.  Please contact SAF via email at to receive your membership.

  • Communication Technology: SAF’s digital lifeline between patients, doctors and others for vital information and research updates.
  • Comprehensive Website: Provides medically-vetted information, reliable resources and research developments for patients, physicians, and the public-at-large.
  • Peer-To-Peer Support Network: Made available for those interested in connecting with others who are walking in their same shoes.
  • Physician Referral Network: Provides access to the most knowledgeable physicians for care and treatment.
  • Social Media Outreach: Timely dissemination of cutting edge information and the opportunity to reach more patients, doctors and researchers.
  • Newly Diagnosed Program: Provides support, resources and accurate medical information during this emotional time of a patient’s life.
  • Support Groups: Provides a lifeline, friendships, and comfort of knowing you are not alone.
  • Constituent Management System: Bringing the entire SAF community together under one umbrella.
  • Educational Webinars: Closes the gap between medicine, science, and best practices and into the homes and lives of our members.
  • Quarterly Newsletters: A consistent catalog of research advances, practical advice, inspiration and much more.
  • National Patient/Doctor Conference: Patients, physician hair experts, scientists and industry come together to engage in private consultations, group lectures, and lifestyles tips.
  • Physician Education Program: Providing the tools so all patients have access to knowledgeable physicians for consultation, treatment and hope.

Please note: All Gem Club Patrons will receive an acknowledgement of year end donations minus the $48 yearly SAF365 fee.