The Scarring Alopecia Foundation is the only patient advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives of patients with all forms of scarring alopecia. The number of diagnoses is rising at an alarming rate – the emotional and physical toll is worse than ever.

Impact In Motion is our 2024 annual fundraising campaign with the sole purpose of raising $60,000 so SAF can continue to drive research, lead education, support patients, and push advocacy.

67% of our revenue comes from the patient community – we need your help to keep our impact in motion so patients can live happy and healthy lives.

Understanding SAF Finances: Where Our Funds Come From

Transparency and Trust: How SAF Manages Donor Contributions

This will be our only fundraising campaign for the year, so once you donate, you will not be asked again in 2024.
There are two ways you can donate to this campaign.

One-time donation – This means you decide how much you want to give and donate that amount in a lump sum.

GEM (Giving Every Month) – This is a way to space out your gift, so you don’t have to give too much at one time. For example, if you want to donate $120 for the year, the monthly amount would be $10. You decide the monthly amount, then set it and forget it.

Why We Fundraise: Turning Your Generosity into Meaningful Impact in Motion!

“Scarring alopecia is something I cannot do anything about. I always felt like I was a proactive, positive person and could manage this. But this took me out. It beat me.”

“I pray every night that it will go into remission. I have an awful time with burning pain and there is nothing I have done that gets rid of it. It has affected every aspect of my life – mentally, physically, spiritually.”

“The doctor came in and dropped a bomb on me, and then sent me home with no further info. Being a lady, a woman, and feeling attractive, your hair matters.”

“It would be worth it to take all these medications if it would make a change. But to be honest with you, nothing is working. At some point, should I just give up and stop?”

“It has been a frustrating journey. You must try a treatment and wait six months  to see if it works. Then it doesn’t work and all this time, your hair loss is just progressing.”

“People do not get it. They say you are not going to die from this. No, I am not, but I feel like I want to.”