The Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF), formerly known as CARF, was formed as a result of one person’s experience with scarring alopecia, or cicatricial alopecia. When the patient realized that little is known about such disorders, she decided, with the help of her doctor, to initiate a grassroots effort to raise funds to study scarring alopecia.

Since 2005, SAF has grown from a group of seven patients to include more than 7,000 patients who have received information through our patient support program, support groups, webinars, in-person meetings and informative online resources. SAF has been contacted by individuals with cicatricial alopecia or medical professions from 91 countries, all 50 states, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico.

SAF’s work is in line with its mission of providing education and patient support, raising public awareness and advancing and promoting research. Our leadership believes that in return to accomplishing our mission, we will improve the care of patients with inflammatory, scarring hair disorders.

Scarring Alopecia is life-changing but it is not life-threatening. The earlier one gets treatment the better the prognosis.

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