Raising awareness by educating hairstylists and the public about scarring alopecia, a life-changing permanent inflammatory hair loss disease.

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As a stylist, you are on the front lines and can make a difference!

    • You can recognize changes in your client’s hair and scalp, even before they can!

    • Your clients see you regularly, which makes YOU an important resource for early detection.

    • We’re not trying to make you an expert in the diagnosis of scarring alopecia.

    • We teaching you about the signs and symptoms so you can alert your client.

    • Encourage them to see a dermatologist to help save their hair!

Two simple steps! Be the best stylist you can be and sign up today!

Become a partner in our Donate-a-Dollar Campaign, launching on September 1. Every dollar adds up! If your salon raises $250 or more, you will receive these added benefits:

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Receive SAF’s exclusive scarring alopecia 15-minute online training module for free – hosted by world renown dermatologist and hair loss expert, Dr. Maryanne Senna. At conclusion of training, you will receive:

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Campaign Goals

Enroll 1000 hair salons to receive our free online training module about the signs and symptoms of scarring alopecia.

Help stylists be the trusted and most-educated service provider for their clients.

Raise $100,000 to support SAF’s research and education programs for this rapidly increasing, under -diagnosed, and misunderstood form of alopecia.

SAF would like to thank Toppik for supporting NSAAM22!

NSAAM Salon Partners

United States

Fulton’s Beauty Lounge
Stockbridge, GA
Stylist: Betsy Hollingsworth

Bridgeview, IL
Stylist: Nadine Khreisheh

The Salon at 10 Newbury
Boston, MA
Stylist: Pat Wrixon

Triangles Salon
Newton, MA
Stylist: Alison Bryson

Anruss & Co.
Natchez, MS
Stylist: Angela Wagoner

New Jersey
Hairs Everything, Etc.
Dumont, NJ
Stylist: Carianne Wilkens

Au So Natural Hair
Killeen, TX
Stylist: Jessica Davis


pH Santé Beauté
Montreal, QC
Stylist: Suzie Rousseau

Problem: The cause of scarring alopecia is poorly understood, and the signs and symptoms are often missed or ignored. While the exact amount of hair loss can vary, we do know that early detection and diagnosis leads to quicker treatment to keep as much healthy hair as possible.

Risk Factors: Extended timeline between noticing the first signs of scarring hair loss (burning, tingling, itching, scales, tenderness, thinning hair, bald spots) and acknowledging there could be an issue, going to a dermatologist and receiving a diagnosis. Hair loss during that prolonged time is permanent and cannot be recovered.

Solution: Get an appointment with a dermatologist and have a scalp biopsy. This disease is a follicular emergency and timing is critical!

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