Know that you won’t always feel this way. It does get better.

Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with scarring alopecia?  Most likely, you have many questions and concerns, and may even be a little afraid about your new diagnosis. We are here to introduce you to a community of people who can guide you through the next steps, as they are patients, too, and can related to your experiences.

  • Get a scalp biopsy. A biopsy of your scalp will not only confirm your diagnosis but will likely tell you what type of cicatricial alopecia you have. This extra information will help you and your dermatologist identify the next steps for treatments. If you are a patient of a hair loss expert, they may be able to identify your type of scarring alopecia without a biopsy. Click here to learn about the different types of scarring alopecia.
  • Find a knowledgeable dermatologist. We can connect you with a dermatologist who specializes in hair loss disorders and scarring alopecia. Please click here to access SAF’s Physician Referral Listing.
  • Educate yourself. Explore the many resources available on our website. We have articles ranging in topics from how to prepare for your first dermatology appointment to learning how to camouflage your hair loss. Read our members’ stories to see how individuals with scarring alopecia are continuing to live and thrive after their diagnosis.
  • Grow your support team. We completely understand that at times living with scarring alopecia can be isolating. Speak with one of our Patient Outreach Volunteers to see how they cope with their hair loss. Attend a Support Group meeting to connect with others. There are many ways to address the emotional side of cicatricial alopecia.
  • Learn more about the ongoing research and clinical trials. Our community is fortunate to have some of the brightest, most dedicated physicians researching cicatricial alopecia, its causes and treatment options. Learn more about their work here.
  • Attend an event. In addition to Support Group Meetings, we hold a patient conference every two years. Over 100 individuals with scarring alopecia attend and connect with patients and the leading physicians. See why so many of our community members attend the Patient Conference by reading some past conference recaps. We hope to meet you at a future event.
  • Become a member of SAF. Be sure to connect with SAF by completing this quick contact us form. By providing us with your information, you will receive updates from the office about the upcoming events, latest research, tools and tips, among other announcements.

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