Journey to Acceptance

We know that living with scarring alopecia can present unique challenges in your life. We understand that it is not only a medical issue, but also impacts your emotional well-being too. For many, coming to a place of self-acceptance with a scarring alopecia diagnosis is a journey. Feelings of anxiety, fear, shame, grief, and self-pity are not uncommon…know that you are not alone.

The journey of self-acceptance is a passage of learning to be gentle with yourself and loving who you are, no matter what. It’s hard to do in today’s world as social constructs of society can be an extremely sensitive and an emotional part of our lives. Too often, many of us choose to bottle up inside or process internally.

The Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF) believes that these challenges can be overcome with the proper management, encouragement, and resources to lead a happy, rich, and fulfilling life despite having scarring alopecia.

Introducing SAF’s Journey to
Acceptance Program.

SAF’s Journey to Acceptance Program is an evolving toolbox of resources for patients built around a single theme – Know that you won’t always feel this way. It does get better. Our goal is to build an arsenal of concepts and tools that can be helpful along your path of self-acceptance. As we build out this program, our intent is for SAF members to be able to revisit these pages at any time and when it’s most needed.

SAF welcomes your suggestions of tools or concepts that have been successful for you. Please email and share!

Special thanks to SAF’s Journey to Acceptance Medical Student Working Group  for their time, compassion, and expertise in developing the tools and resources for this program.


Writing goals is an important part of manifesting your vision. Often having something written down can be the first step towards change. It also forces you to dedicate energy to a particular idea or thought to find a way to overcome it.

There are many benefits to journaling.  Click HERE to learn more and use the prompts to guide your process.

Click HERE to access a therapy resource sheet outlining different types of evidence-based therapy models and tips on finding a therapist. This resource sheet also contains links to helpful resources and websites focused on self-compassion, self-love and finding a community for support. Also included is a Peer-to-Peer FAQ section in a question-and-answer format about common areas of concern.

DBT: Radical Self-Acceptance
Book Club
Relationship Conversations
Becoming Unstuck
Using Humor to Cope
Peer-to-Peer Support
Plus More