Will you be a SAF Advocacy Ambassador?

SAF is launching our Advocacy Ambassador program during National Scarring Alopecia Awareness Month.  We are looking for SAF members and friends who are willing to connect with your elected officials to introduce and champion scarring alopecia issues. Our Advocacy Ambassadors will be the voice of the scarring alopecia community to make sure its recognized at the government level.

What is an advocacy ambassador?

It is an individual who, combined with other like-minded individuals, will communicate with their local senators, representatives, or appropriate contact on behalf of SAF and the scarring alopecia community about important legislative priorities that impact patients and healthcare providers.

The more elected officials hear from their constituents, the more likely they are to take action – it only takes a quick email, phone call, or meeting to make a HUGE difference!

Our goal is to add 25 Advocacy Ambassadors this year!

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SAF’s medical student volunteers will be working closely with our Advocacy Ambassadors to provide information regarding: 

  • How to locate and the best way to contact your elected officials
  • How to prepare your message, either via email, phone or in-person
  • Important scarring hair loss facts and SAF’s advocacy priorities
  • Share your story
  • Follow up strategies and recurring contacts

“I’m so excited that SAF is launching an Advocacy Ambassador program.  This disease is devastating, which is why being an Advocacy Ambassador means the world to me!  I’ve always wanted to do more; I just wasn’t sure how to do it.  Now, with the Advocacy Ambassador program, I have the information and support I need to be able to reach out and educate my congressmen about scarring alopecia and why it’s so important to advocate for this community.  Advocacy Ambassadors can show our elected officials the impact scarring alopecia has on our lives and how important it is to take action!” – Stacy W., SAF Member and Advocacy Ambassador 

Find Your US Elected Officials Here

Advocacy Ambassadors Introductory Steps

Once you’ve located your appropriate elected official and their contact info, you’ll want to decide how to approach them. Most likely, it will be an introductory phone call or email. Sometimes it can be more effective if you physically stop by their office and talk with someone in person.

Most people are familiar with the term “alopecia,” but you will need to provide some education about the specifics of scarring alopecia, how it differs from other forms of alopecia, and why it’s important to you.

SAF’s medical student volunteers will work directly with Advocacy Ambassadors to craft your message, outline priorities, and get you comfortable with the talking points. It will be easy and very rewarding.

As a voter in your local elected officials’ district, you have added leverage when sharing your message and most, if not all, elected officials and their staff are happy to hear from their constituents and issues important to them.

More information 

Sign up to become an Advocacy Ambassador.  Do you have a relationship with your elected official?  Let us know! With your help, we can work together to educate and spread awareness.  That’s the first step towards making research a priority!

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