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Build your resume and continue your hair care education by taking part in our Facebook Live and Instagram Live sessions and webinars. Educate others by contributing to our patient information publications. 

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The Mane Network receives a quarterly e-blast with important news and updates including future events, training, educational and promotional opportunities.  We often have space to promote your own initiatives or communications – contact us at for more information. 

Touch Up Training Courses

SAF’s Touch Up Training courses are new to SAF’s library of resources for professional hair care providers. SAF’s training course is our partnership with Dr. Maryanne Senna and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Hair Academic Innovative Research (HAIR) Unit to train and educate hair salons and their personnel about how to recognize scarring alopecia.   

The training aims to educate hair stylists to recognize the signs of scarring alopecia, provide medical resources for their clients, and encourage stylists to provide specific hair care options for clients with scarring hair loss. Together we can help members become more confident, not only in their appearance, but with themselves! 

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Be sure to email the Certificate of Completion you receive after successfully taking the training course and your contact information (stylist name, salon name, salon links – website and social media) to SAF at to be added to our recognized stylist and/or salon list.