The Mane Network Membership Benefits

Quarterly E-Blast

The Mane Network members receive a quarterly e-blast with important news and updates including future events, training, educational and promotional opportunities.  We often have space to promote your own initiatives or communications – contact us at for more information. 

Opportunity to Join our Specialized Facebook Group  

SAF will be launching a Facebook Group for The Mane Network to highlight: 

  • Scarring Alopecia (Hair Loss) Types
  • Answer Mane Network Questions
  • Mane Network Members can share tips and tricks
  • Discuss promotions, offerings for the scarring hair loss community

Moderated by SAF medical students and patient volunteers, this group will provide opportunities to network and learn more about the scarring alopecia community.  To join, you will need to be a member of our Mane Network and email with your request.  

Professional Development and Continuing Education

The Mane Network members are invited to participate in our Touch Up Training about scarring alopecia.  These training opportunities will contribute to your professional development, support your ongoing education, and let you be the best advocate for your clients.  Click HERE to learn more.   

Showcase Your Expertise

The Mane Network members are essential in helping SAF showcase new or alternative hair care resources to the scarring hair loss community.  By joining you will be invited to participate in events, contributing to our live Facebook and Instagram sessions, and advising on special projects.  Click HERE to learn how you can get involved! 

The Mane Network Hub

The Mane Network pages of our website are solely provided for you. SAF offers this central hub to find learning and development opportunities, news, resources, and support for hair care professionals to be the best advocate for their clients.

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