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The Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF) retains copyright on the content of this site, unless otherwise noted.

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To request permission to use information from this website for other than personal use, send an email describing intended use, duration and contact information to info@scarringalopecia.org.

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Translations or adaptations of Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF) content must be reviewed and approved by the Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF). Please send an email describing intended use, duration and contact information to info@scarringalopecia.org.

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The photographs and graphics on our website are not available for reproduction by third parties.

Linking policy
When linking to the Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF) website, web managers should be aware that the Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF) trademarks are not available for posting or replication on third party websites without a written agreement with SAF. As part of the permission agreement for web linking, third parties must post the following with any trademark, URL, or content used from the SAF website:

Linking Disclaimer: The Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF) is not responsible for information or advice provided by others, including information on websites that link to Association sites and on third party sites to which SAF links. Please direct any questions to info@scarirngalopecia.org.

The Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF) works to ensure that the information provided on its authorized website is accurate, timely and useful. However, the information contained on the Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF) website should not be considered medical guidance or professional advice. The Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF), its affiliates or agents, or any other parties involved in the preparation or publication of this site are not responsible for errors or omissions in information provided on this site or any actions resulting from the use of such information. Visitors are encouraged to confirm the information contained herein with other reliable sources and to direct any questions concerning their personal health to licensed physicians or other appropriate health care professionals. Corrections and additions to this site will be made when necessary or as time permits.

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