Last fall nearly 400 of our members affected with scarring alopecia responded to CARF’s 4Part Survey Series. We learned a lot about your interests, the information you desire, and how CARF can strengthen our value for you. We understand that our newsletter is a major source for information sharing and we’re pleased to introduce some new upcoming features. The newsletter will continue to include the latest CARF news and research updates, but we’ll be adding recurring columns that will provide more practical and useful information.

Correspondence Corner. We know not everyone uses social media. We know our members have a lot on their minds and useful information to share. We also know that some members are very private about their hair loss. This series will feature CARF as the “middle man” and we’ll publish short notes from our members for others to know. Perhaps you found a fabulous hair topper or new shampoo that others may like too. Maybe you read a great book that inspired you or had a positive hair experience that is worth sharing. Or do you have product(s) you don’t use any more but could still be useful for someone else? Simply email or send a note to the office and we’ll include it in the Correspondence Corner of the quarterly newsletter.

Medical Question & Answer. One of CARF’s greatest assets is our strong partnerships with the leading hair loss physicians in North America. We want you to have access to their knowledge and expertise as well. We are launching this series as a forum for you to ask your questions for CARF’s physicians to answer. We’ll publish these in this recurring column for everyone to learn. Email your question or call the office at 267.613.9811.

Meet Our Members. When living with this complex hair disorder, it is comforting to know that you are not alone. Each person’s journey with cicatricial alopecia is unique to them. Learn, be inspired, and get to know others through this story-telling column. If you are interested in sharing your story in the quarterly newsletter, let us know by email or calling the office at 267.613.9811. The more, the better, so don’t be shy.