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2020 Virtual Summit recap

CARF’s First Virtual Patient-Doctor Summit
Date: September 15, 2020
Location: Virtual
Presentation Agenda

Patient Testimonials:

The entire summit was great!  I especially enjoyed the presentations on the basics of CCCA and building your medical and hair care team.  I learned so much at this event – thanks CARF for putting this together for us!

Hearing Dr. McMichael’s speaking of the possibility for encouraging those hair follicles that haven’t given up…recruiting growth of miniatures hairs – that’s so encouraging!

I loved information about follicular rescue and the different treatments available for CCCA. CARF did a great job bringing together a panel of amazing docs who specialize in CCCA.  What more could we want?!

My favorite part was the valuable information given by all the panelist. I was able to clarify many of the misconceptions I had about my condition. Armed with this new information, I can now be more strategic about hair care for myself and my daughters.

It was so great to hear safe ways to style our hair from doctors who know black hair.  So many great questions and various areas of expertise that helped address FAQs for patients new and more progressed in their CCCA journey.

I cannot choose one favorite part – I thoroughly enjoyed listening to every presenter.  The question and answer period was interesting and helpful.

I liked that it was so focused and research based. I especially appreciated that it involved people of color. I although I am diagnosed with FFA, I wanted to attend this session because of the presenters.

The data, research and seeing black derms who work with our hair daily.  I learned about the term follicular rescue that summarizes the treatment objectives.  I was furiously taking notes and excited to share what I learned with my dermatologist!

I loved the entire summit.  I appreciate the fact medical professionals are still conducting research on CCCA and keeping those suffering from it hopeful for a silver bullet breakthrough.  Discussing the linkage to genetics, fibroids, etc. is also helpful because those are factors I’m currently dealing with.  I was aware of all the treatments mentioned, but now I’m more interested in the PRP in the future.

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