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The Scarring Alopecia Foundation (SAF) works closely with the leading hair loss physicians and experts to ensure that scarring alopecia patients and healthcare providers have access to reliable medical information, educational programming, and support services. As part of a scarring alopecia patients’ support team, hairstylists and salon owners are sometimes the first to notice changes in their clients’ scalp or hair patterns. Be your clients’ best advocate and join SAF’s Mane Network of professional stylists and salon owners to learn more.

Scarring Alopecia

Scarring (Cicatricial) Alopecia is the term applied to a diverse group of hair disorders that destroy the hair follicle and replace it with scar tissue causing permanent hair loss. Correctly diagnosing these conditions can be difficult and the clinical course is highly variable and unpredictable.

Learning and Developing!

FREE Hair Loss Training & Certification

SAF has partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Hair Academic Innovative Research (HAIR) Unit, led by Dr. Maryanne Senna, to train hair stylists in the identification of scarring hair loss and when to send a client to a doctor.

Be Your Client’s Best Advocate

Take an active role in learning more about scarring alopecia for earlier detection. The sooner the treatment, the less hair your clients may lose.

Professional Resources

Work closely with SAF to ensure your clients get the best support, information, and care.

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Find the latest medical, research and lifestyle articles about scarring alopecia in SAF’s News & Commentary section.

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SAF provides a comprehensive list of webinars and events that can enhance your knowledge and showcase your expertise.

Tools and Hair Care Tips

From camouflaging to nutrition, SAF compiles suggestions, tips, and tricks from members, into a dedicated page for others to learn. As a hair care professional, we’d love to partner with you to develop additional resources for our members. Is there a topic that you are an expert in? Contact the SAF office at to brainstorm how we can partner together to education our 6000+ membership base.

Benefits of Joining

It’s free, it’s educational, and it’s important to be knowledgeable for your client’s sake.

Join The Mane Network

Hair care providers are part of a patient’s support team and often are the first person to notice scalp or hair changes.

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This new initiative is evolving and we welcome comments and suggestions to shape future efforts.

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