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Living with scarring alopecia presents unique challenges. SAF understands that it is not only a medical condition but presents emotional issues as well. SAF believes that these challenges can be overcome with proper disease management, encouragement, resources, and research to provide hope. SAF is dedicated to helping individuals affected by scarring alopecia live happy lives.

Journey to Acceptance

JTA is a new SAF program that addresses the emotional and mental aspects of coping with scarring hair loss. This program provides helpful tools, resources, and ideas to manage the ups-and-downs of living with scarring hair loss. Everyone’s journey is very personal but knowing there are others who are just like you can sometimes be the medicine you need! Click HERE to learn more!


Newly Diagnosed

You most likely have many questions and anxiety and may even fear your new diagnosis. SAF is here to alleviate those worries and walk you through this medical and emotional journey with support, resources, and hope.

Support and Meetings

Support group meetings provide a safe space to connect, learn, and share your story with others who walk in the same shoes as you. Peer-to-peer connections provide a sense of belonging to a larger community who gets it.

Choosing Your Doctor

It’s important to know that you have the right to “interview” and ask questions before you choose a dermatologist or schedule an appointment.

Physician Referral

There are many unknowns that accompany a scarring alopecia diagnosis, and finding a knowledgeable dermatologist can be incredibly reassuring. SAF’s Physician Referral Listing is a list comprised of physician’s names that have either been passed along to the SAF office from other patients, serve on SAF’s Board of Directors and Medical & Scientific Advisory Board, members of well-recognized hair associations, or links to hair specialists/members of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

30 for 30

When living with a rare disease, it is comforting to know that you are not alone. Each person’s journey with cicatricial alopecia is unique to them. Learn, be inspired, and get to know others through the connections at SAF.

Tools and Hair Care Tips

From camouflaging to nutrition, SAF compiles suggestions, tips and tricks from members, into a dedicated page for others to learn.

Connect with a POV

Our Patient Outreach Volunteer (POV) program matches our members and patients with veteran, qualified volunteers (POVs) who are long-standing members of SAF and have scarring alopecia.

Join Us

We are on a mission at SAF to validate our database to ensure we have the most up-to-date information for you. As the only organization in the world that is driving and promoting research, education, and support for scarring alopecia, it is vital for SAF to represent as many patients as possible. We are laser-focused on building the patient community and being a voice for all those affected. Please know that SAF’s contact database information is NOT shared with any person, physician, or company.

Thank You!  With your help, #LetsGetVisible will help the scarring hair loss community find the life-changing education, support, advocacy and research they need.  Donate today and you’ll be helping us to get there even faster.

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