2016 Patient-Doctor Conference Recap

CARF’s 7th International Patient-Doctor Conference
Date: June 3-5, 2016
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Program Chair: Nicole E. Rogers, MD
Host: CARF New Orleans Support Group

Periscope Conference Videos

Patient Testimonials:

Thank you CARF for an informative weekend presented in a fun, positive environment. Every dermatologist should be required to provide their alopecia patients with information on this organization! This organization and the weekend conference has been the answer to a huge prayer for me.
—SMH, Harrisonburg, VA

First of all, the conference was great because it felt good to know that the doctors thought enough to include the patients. Second, the information presented was diverse and easy to understand. It spoke to the wholeness approach of managing our conditions. Finally, it was a collegial atmosphere with individuals who were happy to share their stories and help others; all the while learning how to live with their condition and help themselves.
—BD from Illinois, a CCCA patient

LOTS of people did LOTS of work to make the conference such an informative, rewarding and supportive event for all who attended. When you have a disease that does not make the ‘nightly news,’ it means the world to know that you are not alone and that someone cares. Thank you for a constellation of efforts that made the event so successful and memorable.
—MC, patient

I enjoyed meeting everyone and finally learning about my condition, which seems to be a combination. The best part was finding a doctor who would treat it after 9 years of trying to get help, finally getting a diagnosis, and then not being able to get a doctor to prescribe the recommended medications. Thank you, Dr. D!
—JN, Santa Fe, NM

I came here feeling like a caribou in the middle of a zebra herd – I left belonging to the CARF Family!

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