2012 Patient-Doctor Conference Recap

The 2012 conference was a big success with 118 people in attendance – the highest attended patient conference in CARF’s history.

Presentations by leading experts included an introduction to Cicatricial Alopecia by CARF Founder Vera H. Price, MD, FRCP(C). An explanation of the role of scalp biopsy in Cicatricial Alopecia by Lynne J. Goldberg, MD was then followed by the presentation of the medical and surgical treatments available for cicatricial alopecia by Valerie D. Callender, MD. Ken Washenik, MD, PhD informed updated attendees on what is new for Cicatricial Alopecia and then Victoria Barbosa, MD, MPH, MBA shared lessons and inspiration from the Chicago support group, where she serves as the physician leader.

Patient and physician attendees submitted questions for the important Ask the Experts Panel on Saturday afternoon. The panel energetically answered and debated questions about their individual practices on the diagnoses and treatment of the cicatricial alopecias.

The conference ended on a high note Sunday when Drs. Pamela G. Devaney and Rebecca Johnston shared tools for coping with Cicatricial Alopecia through hypnosis and the mind-body connection. Barbara Starr, NP shared tips on how to maximize your time in the office to make the most of each visit. Yolanda Lenzy, MD, MPH is clearly on fire for research and a cure, which she shared through her talk about her personal passion for treating those who are diagnosed with cicatricial alopecia.

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